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“Model-driven Law. Ontological modeling as a critical part of the digital transformation of law and action-centric legal ontologies”.

Model-driven and model-based approach are de-fact and de-jure standards in the field of engineering. Why and how certain principles of model-driven design or model-based systems engineering can be used to accelerate progress in legal transformation? Why current object-centric approach in legal ontologies don’t seem to be sufficiently scalable to cover diverse and complex knowledge of legal matters. Lecture on Law Faculty of Belorussian State Technological University. March 17, 2021. Slides available (RU)


Minsk Computational Law Lab is established!

We are Belorussian researchers, lawyers, software engineers, university teachers, professors and scientific workers those interested in the field of technological transformations in legal domain. The field of research within Computational Law is primarily the search for formal, computable representations of legal knowledge that allow networks of natural and artificial intelligent agents to effectively exploit such representations in general activities. The long-term goal of the research is to ensure that legal regulation in the digital age has acquired the technological support and form that would meet the requirements of the present and the future.